Visit his family? No way!

My husband wants me to go visit his family. But he knows exactly, that’s impossible. Every year, my husband’s family is doing family reunions, where he meets his two brothers and his sister with their own families, but I can’t meet that one brother and his wife anymore. That is impossible. Two years ago, the first time I participated in such a reunion, that one brother, let me call him Max, grabbed my ass at the end, when saying goodbye at the end, and his wife told me that she never wants to see me again in this family. So how can I go meet them again?

When I told my husband, he first laughed at me and told me that they didn’t mean that, that I misunderstood, that it can’t be. That made me mad a lot and we had a big fight. I told my husband that he can’t see his family anymore, that he has to break up with them, if he wants to be with me. It really was a huge fight. He said I was asking too much. I said I can’t.

My husband wants me to confront them. He says he will support me in doing that. He will confront them himself, he said. But doesn’t he know that this will not change anything? They will only say that they didn’t do that, that I am lying, that I am inventing things. They will blame me, and everybody else in his family will believe them, not me. I can’t accept that. Doesn’t he know that my life in this country will be over when he does that? Doesn’t he know that thai ladies are gossipping like crazy, that every thai lady in this part of the country will know that I insulted one of them, will blame me, will think I am a slut and a blamer, a bad-talker? I won’t ever be able to talk to another thai lady in this country anymore without they despising me.

No, thank you, I prefer to never meet them again, and not talk to them anymore. If am just a peaceful person. I don’t want to have problems. So, no more meeting with these nasty people.

After a while, I told my husband that it is ok, I was sorry for asking too much of him. Of course, he can still go and see his family. I will just stay home and wait for him. But he doesn’t want that. He said he doesn’t want to go alone and answer questions about why I don’t come, if he doesn’t have permission to reply to them honestly. So he stays home.

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